The rest (Blue Mountains, Avoca Beach and Sydney(Bike Polo,Alley-Cat)

Blue Mountains

This place is famous for its world listed rock formations, the Three Sisters. However, due to the extremely misty (plus stormy) weather, Could only manage to see one of the Three Sis.
One of the Sisters

Ride around the village was fairly present and scenic

Short ride around Katoomba

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Avoca Beach

A bit of bike ride day to see my friend Jack and Jules who live in Avoca Beach. It was a beautiful spot just some 100km north of Sydney. I actually loved this place and the lifestyle people there are having. If I would describe the life style as "every day is a holiday". Hope I can have this sort of lifestyle in the future.
Its good to live near the beach.
Sydney CDB - Circular Quay

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Circular Quay -(Ferry)- Manly
Manly- Palm Beach

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Palm Beach --(Ferry)-- Ettalong Beach
Ettalong Beach - Avoca Beach

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Catch up with bike polo crew in Sydney. As bike polo is still not an official sport each city has a different rule. For example in Sydney, the court size of the polo is much much bigger. I felt like playing soccer. It was interesting to play with different rule but It is essential to have a standard rule in order to have national/international competition. But there are common rules as well. It was to have fun games with beer!

Luckily, I had a chance to join an alley-cat as well the last day of the trip. It was my first time to ride around Sydney CBD so was fairly hard to make my own way but its was very enjoyable and got a good idea of Sydney. (Super luckily!! I got a prize as well) Thanks Stephanaa, Lewes and many Sydney crew for such a great time.

for information on Bike Polo and other bike related events in Sydney, visit Le Pista Resistance .

That's it. It was a great trip.

In the train to Blue Mountains. Its a cool system, isn't it?

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