A Privilege to be in Australia

We are the people who can examine these revolutionary products first among the nation of the globe.

The product 1

The product 2

I think the second one would be very interesting and in a way challenging.

Are you jealous? Of course, you are! hahaha


It's winter.....

Well, time flies. It is already winter now. I used to like winter when I was small but I don't know how I liked it since I started riding bike.

It's been shitty weather now. and I will seem to be for a while.

In addition to that It seems like we are in the middle of the financial downturn. My work place has been extremely quiet. I guess the is no tourists in this City atm.

And on top of that, my left bottom wisdom tooth is in pain...

Come on, sunshine!!


Aussie barbie without Aussie in Australia

ItalicOur ever youngest classmate, Young Dennis. Guess how old?

After the trip to the Sydney I have still been in a holiday for 2 weeks (technically, its time for having an industry placement not holiday but able to have plenty time to play with.) So I had some extra fun stuff with my classmates.

In Perth there are a number of facilities which are free to use for the public. One of them is this riverside barbie* machine. Riverside barbie was an awesome way to chill. Just bring some meat, prawn, veges or whatever you want to grill.

*Barbie: Australian term of BBQ
Barbie Machine

I called up our classmates to enjoy this entertainment. In addition to the breathtaking scenery of the Swan River and Perth City, a supermarket and zoo are ideally located so that it is also very easy to get meat and food on foot. Yes, it's a hands free entertainment! (but be realistic, don't forget to bring salt, pepper, oil, knife, and cleaning kit. Its fairly silly to buy these stuff for just one day)

This kind of barbie gives you a great idea of how to enjoy time in a Australian way (although, there is no Aussie around you). Sit back, have food and beer (alternatively, you can have veges and wine), and talk about nothing serious. Make sure you drink enough, otherwise you can't feel this Australian way of fun.

After the row of barbie, river cruising back to city was waiting for you. This exclusive river cruise is operated by TransPerth, the public transport authority of Perth. This 5 minute- 5 star class cruise(of course you have to believe this is 5 star) cost only $0.80!

So I think this was pretty successful. I want to try this in another venue next time as the riverside barbie is not the only barbie machine in Perth.

If you have a chance to visit Perth or already in Perth wanting some relaxing fun, lets have one! I will be in!