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Finally the new blog for my bike touring is completed. I am off tomorrow morning. See you guys next year! have a great Christmas and a happy new year!
Ride Down Under


Ride Saturday?


Does anyone want to go to have a long picnic ride of 50-100km ish (on road) this Saturday?

Maybe to lotto, some beaches or mountains around.

What my desired plan is Perth - Freo - Lotto - Freo - Perth.

You think about it.


Weekend Special

It was a quiet tight weekend. Just writing to remind me what I did so there are no many funny points in the story but it would be great if you read this.

Went to Perth Airport to see Kimi off. He was in Perth for just 3 weeks, but studied English, visited many sights in WA, caught up with our fixie crew and did the Great Bike Ride as well. I think He fairly did enjoy Perth in such a short time.
His next destination is Honolulu, yes, he is going to do the Honolulu Century Marathon next!! Yeah, he is a really active ass isn't he?

Hope he will enjoy Honolulu as well.

After seeing him off, as I took bike there I had a ride toward 15km east to what called Lemurdie Falls. It was pretty impressive one. And there was quite nice rode around the falls as well, it could be a good picnic ride.

Went to Paul's 20th Birthday in Greenwood. Met up with some mates and had some beer and vodka. was really cool party. Congratulations on stepping on the line of adult, Paul!

In the night there was a concert held by a NGO I work for in North Perth. The NGO is called "Information for Action". This NGO provides information about environment issues around the globe and show you what you can do for the issues through its web page. The president of the NGO is pretty funny guy, he sings he dances and he is a osteopaths as well. The concert was hosted by him with his music and shows. He will host another show in 3 weeks (maybe 4 weeks) so If you want to know what's going on in the world environment, come along.Information for Action

Anyway the concert and after talk went till late and the entire thing finished at 12.30.

Went home, and there was a letter from my home stay mum.

This time of a year it is allowed to catch abalone for limited time if you have a license.

umm impossible. of course I couldn't make it. too sleepy, man.

When I wake up at 10, there was another letter like this.

"If you want to have abalone breakfast come to Hillarys at 9.00"

You know what, abalone is very very expensive in my country. It easily cost 30 bucks for 1 abalone!
I knew it was too late but I called homestay mum and asked.

"Is there still abalone available?"

"Yes but you gotta be hurry."

"Ok, I will be there by 11, bye"

It too precious I couldn't miss it. I push myself feeling a bit of headache (probably from last night) rode on my bike. Ride through the coastline watching bikini girls which make me love beaches and make me want to live in the beach front.

Anyway, I got to Hillarys and finally had breakfast. it was 11.30.

Enjoyed abalone of 5 or 6 (which is equivalent of roughly 150 bucks in JPN). and slowly head home.

By the time I got home it was 2pm.

There was my last big event left for this weekend.
There was a show of BLOC PARTY, a rock band from the UK.
It was cool.

(I'm getting bothered writing this I stop somewhere here. apologies for my negligence)
but let me finish with......
Last but not least, did you see this smile in the sky yesterday(Monday night)?

It's beautiful isn't it?