When I was riding back home today. I was on Beaufort street.

It was about 9.30 pm. As I riding near the Red Rooster, suddenly I felt pain on my back. It was a egg. Someone threw egg toward me and it hit my back. The guy who threw the egg was in the car and drove away as he threw the egg.

There are two reasons I can think of why he threw a egg toward me.

1. He didn't like Cyclists
2. He didn't like Asian people

Whatever the reason was, I was not happy about this and as the car just gone and didn't have time to have a word with him. And actually I didn't do anything wrong on the street. So I will take a legal action in order to punish him.

I am going to Police tomorrow to report this issue. I'm pretty sure that the police will not take this seriously but I think this is important to keep reporting this sort of issues.

Fortunately, I'm not injured this time but it could cause a serious accident. I'm sure that the guy who threw the egg will not read this article but if he happens to read this article I want to tell him that "all cyclists and Asian people don't accept such an anti social activity."

Luckily I was waring a jacket


PCP 15 Mar + Ramen check - Nao (Murray St)

Bike polo is getting aggressive.
Since we've got quite a few people today, we did matches with 4 people aside instead of 3. It actually worked but the court can get a bit too crowded. I personally think 3 each side is a good number.

There was no chance to take polo this week, but I nicely took a photo.
Have a look.

It was a actually great art

Went another ramen restaurant other day. It was on Murray st near Barrack st. The restaurant was called Nao. It offers wide range of ramen such as Syoyu Ramen(Soy souce flavor ramen), Miso Ramen (Miso Flavored ramen) and Sio Ramen (Salt flavoured ramen). I tried sio ramen. The taste was okay. Not bad, but didn't made me impressed. But what I suprised about this ramen was that while I was having the soup of the ramen. Some solid stuff came into my mouth. I wonded what it was. It was actually a piece of GLASS. God I felt scared.

Sio Ramen (Salt flavoured ramen)

Peth Ramen Style : Eating a bowl of Ramen like having a mug of late at street-side cafe.


PCP Mar 8 + Badminton

Yeah, its was a great session today, since we've got 7 people to play polo. Yes, it is getting extremely popular (no?). Also, the equipments are getting ready. Some people are making their own mallets (actually, I found a adjustable used mop with stainless stick so I can make my own mallets by next week!!)
Polo Mallets
Nice Walls

We had a couple of nice games, and had a some refreshments as well.

For people who are not familiar with bike polo and PCP (Perth Cycle Polo): PCP Official HP
For people who wish to join the community of the PCP on the facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=58412725979

There was another occasion which made me a bit excited.
I met a former world badminton champion of the world. She won the world title for 5 times. Since badminton is one of my biggest hobbies it was like seeing Lance Armstrong, man!



PCP Feb 28 + Ramen

Bike polo went well with some unexpected visitors last Sunday.

Anyone could be welcomed to play polo if you are riding something I guess lets say scooter, tricycle, or even skateboard or whatever.

Its heaps of fun and beer tastes great after the game.

An Image of having heaps of fun

Had Ramen, Japanese style Chinese noodles, which is one of my favorite foods at the market in Freo other day.

The name of restaurant is Doskoi, named after the screaming voice of Sumo wrestlers. It is one of a rare restaurants which serves the legendary ramen in Perth. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Negi Kara Ramen (Spicy Ramen with Spring Onion on Top) $9.00