PCP Feb 28 + Ramen

Bike polo went well with some unexpected visitors last Sunday.

Anyone could be welcomed to play polo if you are riding something I guess lets say scooter, tricycle, or even skateboard or whatever.

Its heaps of fun and beer tastes great after the game.

An Image of having heaps of fun

Had Ramen, Japanese style Chinese noodles, which is one of my favorite foods at the market in Freo other day.

The name of restaurant is Doskoi, named after the screaming voice of Sumo wrestlers. It is one of a rare restaurants which serves the legendary ramen in Perth. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Negi Kara Ramen (Spicy Ramen with Spring Onion on Top) $9.00


Prawza said...

Just proves that if they could play on a unicycle, anyone can!

Oh, I changed my blog a while ago by the way.


コンチ said...

高安の空揚定食の比では無いと思います。 あ、5月遊び行ってイイ?

Yohei said...


Yeah, I checked your new page. Good job on the street view, man!

Are you coming to the Alley Cat tonight? Do you know exactly where to meet?



eeyo- 5 gatsu ha 17 niti kara 1 syuukan yasumiga torerukamo shirenai!

Mochiron takayasu no Karaage wo omiyagani....