PCP Mar 8 + Badminton

Yeah, its was a great session today, since we've got 7 people to play polo. Yes, it is getting extremely popular (no?). Also, the equipments are getting ready. Some people are making their own mallets (actually, I found a adjustable used mop with stainless stick so I can make my own mallets by next week!!)
Polo Mallets
Nice Walls

We had a couple of nice games, and had a some refreshments as well.

For people who are not familiar with bike polo and PCP (Perth Cycle Polo): PCP Official HP
For people who wish to join the community of the PCP on the facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=58412725979

There was another occasion which made me a bit excited.
I met a former world badminton champion of the world. She won the world title for 5 times. Since badminton is one of my biggest hobbies it was like seeing Lance Armstrong, man!



kimi said...

Hey,long time no see.
Recently,I don't use Emglish at all.So I can't use English.
It is difficult for me to play POLO.
I'll work as a member of society.
I'm nervous.
Good Luck!!!

Yohei said...

Hey~ Tabacchan

You must use English in a daily basis otherwise you will just lose it. Use it or lose it. Get to a pub every night to get hot chicks after work, man!

Good luck on your work as a part of the society, you can come here anytime when you fed up with the work or your boss.

All the best