When I was riding back home today. I was on Beaufort street.

It was about 9.30 pm. As I riding near the Red Rooster, suddenly I felt pain on my back. It was a egg. Someone threw egg toward me and it hit my back. The guy who threw the egg was in the car and drove away as he threw the egg.

There are two reasons I can think of why he threw a egg toward me.

1. He didn't like Cyclists
2. He didn't like Asian people

Whatever the reason was, I was not happy about this and as the car just gone and didn't have time to have a word with him. And actually I didn't do anything wrong on the street. So I will take a legal action in order to punish him.

I am going to Police tomorrow to report this issue. I'm pretty sure that the police will not take this seriously but I think this is important to keep reporting this sort of issues.

Fortunately, I'm not injured this time but it could cause a serious accident. I'm sure that the guy who threw the egg will not read this article but if he happens to read this article I want to tell him that "all cyclists and Asian people don't accept such an anti social activity."

Luckily I was waring a jacket


Prawza said...

whoa man, glad you're okay.
did you get his license plate number?

so many idiots out there, i got water ballooned whilst riding the footpath on the way to the polo the other day. Was really close to crashing because of it.

anyway mate, ride safe

cya sunday

Joel said...

That story fills me with rage.

Yohei said...

No, its was too fast, and actually I went to the police the next day. The officer told me that without the license number he couldn't trace who the idiot was.....

So if I get an egg next time, I will keep eye on not the egg or the idiot but, memo rising the license number.

anyway, See you at polo

Year, they just don't know how dangerous it could be.

anyway see you at polo too!

shingo said...

let me join the game of polo ! and say fuck to the idiots for me when you get threw eggs. I graduated today btw.

Yohei said...

Monkey Shingo

Was it today? Shit, I didn't even know when It was. Anyway, well done and congratulations on your graduation. (Actually its my graduation as well....)
Now you are no longer a student you are a salary man! Don't be a normal salary man, be a cool one and make heaps of money and visit Australia, then you can play bike polo as you wish!