Yanchep Ride

Scab B

Yancheup Ride

Great ride! Sleeping Koaras, Brethfeeded Kangaroos, beachs and beer!

Ride Facts

Tour Date:23/APR/2009
Number of Participants: 3 (Yohei, Joel, Jana)
Weather: Pertly Cloudy
Avarage: 17.40km/h
Max Speed: 54.7km/h
Course: Perth--(Train)--Clarkson--(Bike)--Yanchep NP--(Foot)--Yanchep NP--(Bike)--Clarkson--(Train)--Greenwood--(Bike)--Scabrough B--(Bike)--Leederville
Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate
Traffic: Busy (but only on Wannaroo RD)
Would you do this again?: Definetly

With this ride you can encounter the wilderness of Australia. In Yanchep NP, there is one of the biggest koala colonies in WA which you can spot koalas in the park. Also there are a number of Kangaroos, birds and other Australian wild animals in the park. The park itself is well facilitated with a cafe, restaurants, barbie area, accommodation, and beautiful picnic area. However, the ride to the NP is a bit boring as the way is flat and quite a lot of traffic on the most of the way. But it is certainly recommended ride for people who are new to Australia or who want to get out of Perth.

The next ride is on 3rd of May. The details will be updated soon.


Yanchep Ride Information(23/APR/09)

I am pretty much sure that this is too late but I am kind of person who keep promises.
Here is the full details:

Ride Date: 23/APR/2009(THU)
Destination: Yanchep NP and surroundings (Proposed Course)
Rode Type: On road (All Sealed)
Bike Type: ANY
Departure Time: 8.00am
Departure Point: Forrest Place, Perth (In front of round thingi)

Riding Distance: 94.5km

*Experience is not required, but your guts are

Hope see you all tomorrow.


Ride (23/APR/2009)

Joel and I are organising a ride on this Thursday, 23rd of April.

We haven't decide the details of the ride but Ill let you know.

Ride Date: 23/APR/2009(THU)
Destination: TBA (Possibly Yanchiup NP or somewhere nice)
Rode Type: On road (All Sealed)
Bike Type: ANY
Departure Time: TBA (Probably in the early morning)
Departure Point: TBA(Probably Perth CBD)

Riding Distance: up to 100km

*Experience is not required, but your guts are required

Want to learn the art and philosophy of cycling? This would be a great chance for you!
I'll update this with full details by tomorrow night. Any inquiry? let me know.



It has been a month since finally, I have become a part-time travel consultant at a travel agency in Perth. The job's been hard and I have to work long hours but also it gives me a practical and first hand experience in the industry and a great range of knowledge about the tourism of Australia, which are all great. Besides, I found fun to provide an assistance with customers' travel needs.

At the same time, since I have been dedicated my time for the job for the past month Consequently, I haven't had a descent amount of time for leisure like having bike rides. That is a concern but not the concern.

Anyway, even it was really harsh weeks, the job went reasonably well for the first 3 weeks. I had gained some product knowledge and started to be able to sell some tourism products around and outside of Western Australia.


This week's been crazy. My sales went a steep decline. I end up with a only a bit of sales and I am feeling like I completely lost my small confidence I gained from the last weeks. I can see a wall in front of me. But I have no idea how I can overcome the wall.

That's my struggling story of the concern.

Selling is not easy. Polo is not easy.

c ya