It has been a month since finally, I have become a part-time travel consultant at a travel agency in Perth. The job's been hard and I have to work long hours but also it gives me a practical and first hand experience in the industry and a great range of knowledge about the tourism of Australia, which are all great. Besides, I found fun to provide an assistance with customers' travel needs.

At the same time, since I have been dedicated my time for the job for the past month Consequently, I haven't had a descent amount of time for leisure like having bike rides. That is a concern but not the concern.

Anyway, even it was really harsh weeks, the job went reasonably well for the first 3 weeks. I had gained some product knowledge and started to be able to sell some tourism products around and outside of Western Australia.


This week's been crazy. My sales went a steep decline. I end up with a only a bit of sales and I am feeling like I completely lost my small confidence I gained from the last weeks. I can see a wall in front of me. But I have no idea how I can overcome the wall.

That's my struggling story of the concern.

Selling is not easy. Polo is not easy.

c ya


MacMing said...


Your job sounds very interesting to me. I am sure you will impress others.

Yohei said...

Hey Wei Ming
Thanks mate. Sunday is over, and a new week starts tomorrow.
Hope this new week will come out a great week and make more sales.

Okyakusama wa kamisamadesu

Anyway, cheers bro.

It seems that you got a job. Good one. but Don't work too hard.


deph said...

Hei Yohei

Interesting to learn that you have been working so hard. I hope that you can get past the hardtimes this week and come riding next weekend - to relax and unwind.

I have been carting around some CDs that I made for you - but it seems we have not been seeing each other much but hopefully I can make it to polo on Sunday and give them to you there.

Cheers mate


Yohei said...

Hi Arran

How's going?

Yeah, when I talked you before I was nearly bored to death and now I am nearly work to death. Life is not fair. But yeah,even still really busy, I've been feeling and much better this week (and sales as well).

That's would be great since I haven't got new sounds lately. I am dying for new music. I am not sure if I can make the next polo session but I'll try to be there as well.

Anyway, hope to talk to you soon over some pints of beer.