Well well well, shortly after my birthday, somehow now I am in Canberra, the bush capital of Australia. Since I have took a red eye flight from Perth to Sydney and straight to Canberra by bus I didn't have much sleep from yesterday morning today. However I visited some sites.

I was surprised the fact that here in Canberra I can't really find Aussies in T-shirts and shorts, and it also made me realised that Perth's winter is not winter. Its COOLER SUMMER!!

As Canberra is perfectly designed city. Its really hard to get lost. It means its a great place to cycle around! Actually I found many people cycling on the rode. However drivers here seem a bit nasty. Even there many riders are No fixies are spotted.

Until the sleepiness stops me writing I write about the place I visited today.

The war memorial. This well maintained place would be sensational if you are found of architecture or history of Wars in general.

Humm, I don't think I can continue anymore too sleepless, dude. Good night.


Prawza said...

awesome man.

have a good trip!

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