Harvest Ride

Great ride, good hills, fresh fruits!

organic apples

It is pretty awesome that just one and half hour ride take you to a beautiful country. I think this is one of the privilege of living in Perth. Reasonable up hills of 5km make your leg muscles stimulate and the friendliness and welcome of the village people make you wish to come back again. The scenery of Perth form the hill is just breathtaking.
We got this far!

To enjoy this ride, it is strongly recommended to depart in the early morning as traffic gets pretty busy even in the late morning also waking up early make your day longer.

Ride Facts

Tour Date:03/MAY/2009
Number of Participants: 2 (Yohei, Joel)
Weather: Sunny
Avarage: - km/h
Max Speed: - km/h
Course: Perth--(Bike)--Perth Hill--(Bike)--Pickering Brook--(Farm Walk+Breakfast)--Pickering Brook--(Bike)--Perth
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Traffic: Busy (Specially on Welshpool rd)
Would you do this again?: No doubt, Definitely

Japanese style garden (?)

Sunset from Subiaco

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