NJS Sale

Since one of my friends from Japan is visiting me, he can give you good offer for NJS parts!!

There are range of parts on sale, and he try to make it reasonably cheap as it will be directly from Japan in his hands.

Prices are all negotiable. If you tell me what you want, leave comment here or give me a massage to okamotoy@hotmail.co.jp I will advise you how much it will be.

There are more range of NJS parts. Click here for more.

Application close on 13th of May 2009


Prawza said...

awesome, ill talk to you about it tnite!

Prawza said...

depending on the price, i'd be interested in some toshi straps :D

Yohei said...


Good ride tonight!! Can you txt me what you interested again and I'll confirm the price.


PS. Do you wanna come to ride on Sunday morning?