What's a Day. 2

'I want you to pack your stuff and leave.' he said quietly.

Actually, it was my second time for this failure. So I said okay, anyway I was suppose to leave the house on the coming Tuesday and to be honest, I didn't really feel comfortable with the conditions they offered to me.

These were like that:
1. $5 for laundry (plus bring your own detergent)
2. Not providing, juice, milk and water (Get your own)
3. Everyday different dinner time (8.00 pm on average)
4. No 'one-more go' for dinner
5. It takes 50 mins by bus to the city
6. Bread, ham and cheese are basically the only food provided for lunch and breakfast

I'm not complaining about the condition but I was paying this for AU$220 per week. So, you know its quiet a lot of money, I didn't think it worth staying there so I decided to move.

Anyway, by the failure possibilities of staying there until next Tuesday was ruled out.
There was no dinner provided on the last day and no refund as well.

I had some Tim tam chocolate which I bought couple of days ago left on the my desk, packed my stuff and hit a hey. Feeling of sadness and hunger made me unable to sleep well....

Next day (Saturday)I went to my neighbour who takes care of other international student from the same institute to leave most of my stuff until I move to my next home-stay family as I was planing to stay in a backpackers' hostel for couple of days with minimum amount of luggage. They kindly said okay and I brought my stuff.

I saw 2 bikes with flat tires in the garage at their house and they asked me if I can fix them. As I ride bike like a crazy cow it wasn't big deal for me to do it so I repaired the two bikes. Surprisingly, they invited me lunch. I was so happy as I haven't had proper meals since the night before. and I also surprised by their meal. It was actually really good I saw the big difference between two home stay hosts on the same street.

After the lunch I move to a backpackers' hostel called Governer Robinsons in the city (North bridge). Even though it was a bit expensive($28 per night for dorm) I loved it with its clean and cozy rooms, kitchen and a warm and friendly atmosphere of the hostel.

Conclusion of this story:
Cycling is very fun!



kimi said...

I secured about you.
I wish you find good host family.

Yuya said...

You gotta complain to your homestay company about that. It is the worst case I heard,so you can for sure find way better host family. It was a good experience,anyway eh?

Yohei said...

Thank you! I hope every thing is going to be all right!
and of course cycling is very fun!!

It was indeed good experience but at the same time it was a very expensive experience.lol