Tuesday Arvo

Since I only have class in the morning on weekdays I usually wonder around Perth every afternoon after class except the day I work .

I went to a bike shop in Fremantle as I heard it sells a variety of bike gears cheaply. It did. well, I don't know much about bike but a built wheel (rim: velocity's deep rim hub: sorry forgot but fairly smooth one...) was around $150. and tires are much cheaper than bike shops in city, man. You'd better check it out!

It's called 'Ideal Cycles' on 380 South Street Fremantle (search on Google for more details)

I bought a rear gear with 19 teeth and attached on the other side of my back wheel to make pedal lighter in order to enjoy doing tricks and skidding.

On the way back, I remembered that BLOC PARTY would come for a concert to Perth in the end of November. So I went to a record shop, Planet, in North Perth to check if there were still some left or not. God, There was plenty left.
Apparently, the venue's capacity was expanded due to unprecented demand and selling 8000 more tickets. and the shop still had 300 left. It's $79.99 /p

I think I'm going get one but I wanted to check the new album of them before I make a decision. so just bought their new album 'INTIMACY', which just released on 25th.

Bloc Party

Then I got home, had dinner and inserted the CD into my computer to listen to it.




not working...


this picture describes my present feeling:


Prawza said...

ahah, wow i noticed the puddle looks like Australia. (don't know whether that was deliberate or not)

im guessing the deep-v's had formula hubs?

$150 is pretty cheap, i remember when it was cheaper to buy them from the US even though they were made in AUS.

Yohei said...

good point! My homestay mother sent me the photo. I'm not sure if it is real or not though.

deep v's with formura... I think that sounds right. You'd better hurry if you havent got one yet. It takes a week to built.....