There was a fixie night today as usual, well, since the day light saving started from today here it is no longer a fixie NIGHT though.

It was a bit different from ordinal fixie night, didn't do any tricks. Instead we did a sport.

I have never seen this kind of sport. It is called Bike Polo (or Cycle Polo). It is basically same as polo, you know the one on the Polo Shirts. For bike polo we simply use bikes instead of horses. But it is more bloody than you think if you play this sport with fixie bikes (some are even brakeless with binding pedals). I saw many crashes and fallings during the game.
Bike Polo is like this:

and if you play this with fixie bikes it would be like this:
and if you form a team it would be like this:

It's a fun sport as long as you don't mind get injured!

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