1.5 Hour Trial

I just wanted know how much I could do at the moment. so I undertook 1.5 hour bike trial myself today.

Here is the result:
1.5 hour bike trial (30 October 2008)

Trip Distance: 37.23 km
Average Speed: 28.98 Km/h

It's such a miserable result. It's definitely lack of stamina I'm not even able to reach an average speed of 30 km/h......

well, there are some excuses to make.
  1. I had to stop some times by the signals.

  2. It was a windy day.
well, it all could happen in the real race.

I need to speed up at least 30% by the day of the race.

One thing, Don't miss the Halloween Alley-Cat. It's on tomorrow.

The Flyer:

For more information on the Halloween Alley-Cat visit:
Oh, shit I still haven't find what to wear.

Tell me if you know a good place to buy fancy death dresses.

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