THE GREAT BIKE RIDE presented by City of Perth

I found an interesting notice on the paper this morning.

There is a 106km and 53km road race around the Swan River on 23rd of November. It's called 'The Great Bike Ride'

For people who don't know about the Swan River:

The Swan River is probably the most well known symbol of the city of Perth that runs right next to the CBD of Perth to the Indian Ocean. As it's connected to the ocean swan, river is a saline river so I heard that you can see sea animals like dolphins sometimes, and of course, swans as well (but note that swans in Perth are BLACK).

Here I show you some photos of the Swan river:

I'm kind of thinking of taking part in this race by my fixie bike (Gear Ratio- Front:Back/46:15).

Do you think I'm crazy? If you don't think it's crazy, fairly cool, you are already fixie geek!

Well, but I need to see the course first.

For more information on the Great Bike Ride visit:

The course (PDF):


kimi said...

I'm free the day.
I want to take part in that race.
But, is that race high level ?

Do you find a new home ?

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, I will be racing the 106km on my roadbike but you will easily be able to do the 53km on your track bike, 46x15 should be fine and if you would like to run through the course we could go on Sunday maybe? Or after work one night early next week.


Yohei said...

Awesome! You should take part in the race (106km). You can register yourself on the web page. If you don't know how to do, let me know. I'll help you out.
If you can complete the Honolulu Marathon you will be fine, man!

Yohei said...

Yeah, let's do that. I can ride on this Sunday from afternoon. and weekdays are fine as well.
I'll call you later.