Ready to Roll 2

Hi winter is already here in Japan but yet the leaving trace of autumn is in the reach.

Pond near my house in Nara

Japanese pampas grass, near my house in Nara

Thanks to Eirin Marutamachi, now, my Katakura Fixie was reborn strongest ever, as the ‘Rising Sun Reverse’. It is more than ready to roll. The carefully but dynamically chosen components are making the bike elegant and beautiful yet very cool.

 This is it

 Gran Compe 46t

Traditional Nitto Stem and Handlebar

One not so cool point about my bike is the fact that the rear break is installed. This is because the 2 breaks are now compulsory and incompliances are penalized with a big fine of up to 30,000 yen (400 AUD/USD ish) in Kyoto. This new regulation became effective from the first of December 2011 and according to Sankei News, already unfortunate 5 fixie riders were charged in the first day of the regulation. So as a chicken, I had to buy a rear break. So I might take it off when I am back.

Anyways, here are the specifications:

Katakura Silk Track Frame
Nitto B123
Handlebar Grips:
SoyoGrip – White
Head Parts:
Tange Levin Cds - 1inch JIS
Nitto NJ Pro - 115mm
Wheel (Front):
Unauthorized Imperial Wheelset - Red
Wheel (Rear):
Unauthorized Imperial Wheelset - Red
Break (Front):
Shimano RX-100
Breaks (Rare):
Dia-Compe 101-Track
Break Leavers:
Testach Eight Arm
Vittoria Zaffiro 700 X 23c - Red
Rolles San Marco - White
Seat Post:
Sugino RD Messanger
Chain Ring:
Gran Compe 46T
Rear Sprocket:
Deltex Chain
MKS (Mikashima) CR-9 - Silver
Toe Clips
MKS (Mikashima) Toe Clip
MKS (Mikashima) Fit Alfa Spirit

The bike shop, Eirin Marutamachi is the place to go if you are into classic and, retro bikes as well as latest road, mountain and cycle cross bikes. The more than friendly staff members, such as Nanbu-san and Sanbo are more than welcome and happy to help you with your needs and imagination of your ideal bike building.

like this

like that

tools are ready

Indeed, Very Classy,

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