A Bit of a Shock

So I just flu to Japan. Flu with AirAsia, which is probably so far my best preferred low cost carriers (LCC) with its acceptable quality of service, comfort of seating and low (sometimes very low) fares. On board meals are pretty good too (I guess only if you are a rice lover).

Air Asia

Having lived in Perth for the last three years and been a well Australianised boy, seeing Japan is a bit of a shock. One of the shock I encountered today is the uselessness of credit cards in Japan.

Credit cards are not common at all. To me, This was very strange. Japan is known as one of the most technologically advanced country and accordingly credit cards should be accepted widely but the truth is most of people are still using ONLY notes and coins for purchases of goods and services.
According to What Japan Thinks, credit card usage is increasing and and now 84.6% of Japanese people possess at least one credit cards. However, from what I have been seeing today this results doesn't mean it is commonly used in everyday situations. For example, I have received a number and a number and a number of denials today. At train / bus stations , restaurants, bars, and shops.

Luckily enough, I got some cash on me, but if I didn't I would've been Fatal....

That's it for today.

To end, I would like to share a mystery with you.

I still don't know why people in Japan talk to me in English up until I say a word in Japanese particularly at the airport and the hotel I stayed. Tell me why!

Attached some photos Yes, it's winter here in Kyoto.

Kyoto Tower (in front of Kyoto Station)

Leaves Beautifully Changing Colours by a Pond at Kyoto Sangyo University

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