Osaka Hardcourt Bike Polo

Today , thanks to Monkey san, I had a chance to see and play bike polo with Osaka Harcourt Bike Polo (OHBP) crew at Minatonomori Park in Sanomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.

First, the venue they have is superb. It is a council approved 360 degree fully covered hard court. Although I find it was a bit bigger than what we have in Perth as it was originally designed for roller hockey or some sort, it was something every polo player dreams of. This court was used for the national championship for japan, japan cup this year.

The court - very noice, I can live here

Second I found that the level of players at the OHBP are amazingly high. Especially because the winning team of Japan Cup from this club and consequently played in the world champ too as a national rep.

The OHBP Crew

It would be really great if some of them could fly over Perth to play in the Australasian Hardourt Bike Polo Championship (AHBPC) 2012. Would be awesome to see Australia vs Japan overlooking swan river:)

I have encountered a bike builder, SLiC, who is based in Osaka. Now you can build your custom polo bike with them. I saw the bike, but didn't take the photo of it. I will write about this builder later when I got more information.   

With a professionally skilled and very friendly bunch of people and a superb court, If you have chance and bike to play in Osaka, I would really recommend you to visit this very cool club.

Osaka Harcourt Bike Polo


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