Please be careful of deer as they occasionally attack people.

I have a confession to make.

When I am asked a question, 'where about Japan are you from?' I say, after some consideration, ' I ,,eh,, am from Kyoto'. And people normally react something like, 'ah, Kyoto, I know...'

 But I am actually NOT from Kyoto. I am from a small town called 'Nara'.

This is because Kyoto has got an internationally well-established reputation as a tourism destination with its World Heritage Listed historic Townscape as the former capital city of Japan and exciting nightlife.

Whereas Nara is far less known town than Kyoto. If I say 'I'm from Nara', then conversation will not continue anymore. Even for Japanese tourists, Nara is classified as a little brother of Kyoto. People visit Kyoto and visit Nara only when they have some spare time. That is the general perception of Nara. Thus, I have been choosing to locate my hometown in Kyoto since I left Japan.

However, coming back to Nara, I have re-discovered this small town's great value, deer. Nara is one of very few places where deer and human share the place of living. Such place has identified previously in Thooheys's  Nuctorial Migration, which was observed presumably in Australia.

There are a number of wild deer in the central tourism district of Nara, Nara Park, also locally known as ,Deer Park. In this place, 'deer rules' apply. as tourists are often a  tragically targeted by wild deer. The picture below describe what deer could do to human. First, deer would bite you, then they would kick you, besides, they would butt you and finally the deer would knock you down. That's   pretty hard core isn't it. Its like the combination of different marshal arts.

Do you think it is not true, I saw one of the victims, a man been mobbed by a number of deer.

and deer everywhere.

Here is one of the tourism promotional posters of Nara. Its slogan saying:
Wait for me....
I wait for you....

hum,, its deep.

That is a bit about my hometown, Nara.

Hope you find this post useful and will visit Nara next time but be sure you wear appropriate protective gears, just in case.

For more information: Nara

There are some very old temples, shrines and gates too.


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