Too great, man!

There was a bike race, the Great Bike Ride, today. It was my first time to join an official rode race. To be honest, the race didn't start with good fun but with totally unexpected and bitter experience.

As soon as the race started, I felt that the back rim is hitting the ground.


Can you believe that I've got the first puncture of the race? I blamed my destiny.
I had to replace the tube and pump it up while almost all riders were a passing through next to me. People are watching me saying like "oh, poor boy". I really wanted to cry.

By the time I get my flat tyre repaired, there was no one around me. I was the bottom.

It wasn't only unlucky occasion on the race, there was another one coming at the beginning of the second lap. I was pretty much catching up with group ahead and riding in the group of a cycling club. They go with a good average of around 35 ish. I just tried to move on to the next group so over took the group and try to go further.

But, the destiny didn't allow me to do so. I felt my front rim hitting the ground next.

Gosh.Oh my goodness.....

"Again" I thought and sadly there was no spare tube left. So I had to go with flat tyre for the rest of around 50km. I pumped up the front tyre every 5-10 km besides there was full of people on the rode. They were really slow and shut the rode.

But at least I finished the race which was a good thing. It was a challenging for me in many ways and learned a lot from the race like. I'll definitely do this race again next year and will carry a box of tube. The result will be announce tomorrow on the web page of the race.

I will put the result here tomorrow.


flash said...

Dude! So sorry about your flat tyres. If I had seen you i would have given you my spare. At least we represented the fixie crew.

Yohei said...

Yeah that is the most important thing, rise the awareness of "fixies on the rode!"

I might not see you this sunday as Im going to going to a concert of BLOC PARTY but will try to catch up!