Mock Great Bike Ride

It's been 2 days though, with Prawza and his friend Alex, there was a ride on Monday at 5.oopm to try the course of the Great Bike Ride. Trying the route gave me a great idea of the race.

We'll do this next Monday as well no matter what the weathers are, so come along and have a great fitness madness. We meet at the bell tower (Green one) at 4.45 and start at 5.00. The ride will be reasonably relaxed with some occasional sprinting. Fixies and rodies are warmly welcome.
I officially registered myself for the Great Bike Ride. Maybe this race is going to end up with either having good fun or having a serious injury. Well, you'll see.

I feel like being artistic today so I made some graphic designs, which anyone could think of.

1. I love fixie

2. I love classic fixie

3. I love brakeless fixie

Oh I just remembered that I bought a pair of clipless pedals and shoes (Shimano SPD SLI) at Ideal Cycle. I still feel bit wired and I fall once already and hurt my left ankle but I hope these stuff make my ride a bit faster.

good night

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