Monday Swan Ride

There is the Monday Swan Ride as usual.

We will meet up at the Bell Tower, Perth at 4.45pm and start at 5.00 sharp.

Ride Information:
Distance: 53km
Average speed: 25-27km/h ish
The route:

*we might grab some pints after the ride.

Don't miss it! It will be a great chance for you to get rid of hangover from the weekend and the Monday depression.

Any question? Leave comments or txt me!

I did this ride this morning and FINALLY reached over the average of 30km/h YAY!

Here is the result:
(09 November 2008)

Distance: 53km
Time: 1:40:41
Avg. Speed: 31.29km/h

Getting better, isn't it?


Prawza said...

nice work man! 30km/h over that distance is decent,

see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ah what I was trying to say on the phone while also doing this ride today was I can't make it ever during the week. I have to be at the track about 5.45 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday I work in Freo and Friday night is always Racing at the track.

Sorry dude, would have like to attack Meads hill with you. Also no street fixed gear at the moment only road bike.

Great average though!

No shower on Sunday said...

you seem to have gone to Aus for cycling. bet you want to open own your business on bike in Aus

Yohei said...

Yeah, I'm in love with my clipless pedals.
Your over 60k/h is also wicked!

Wow, it's getting really serious, aye? That's alright, no worries mate.
I'll maybe see you Tuesday at the track.

Monkey Shingo
I don't know. but,,, Tourism + Bike + Australia ..... should be cool :)
I'm sorry for u having no shower, go to Hiiragino Yu for once a week luxrious.