My Geneva Polo Bike Setup

Some of you might have already known but I am going to Geneva (Switzerland) very soon. In like, 3 days. This time I am flying there for a specific purpose, to experience the world class bike polo. Bike Polo is the sports I have been getting into and having played for 3 years, by now I have been lucky enough to play in a wildcard slot of  The World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2012 (WHBPC2012)!! I will be in a team called "The Drop Bears" with Colin from Adelaide and Alastair from London. So check us out!

Day to fly to Geneva is getting closer to closer and the day for the WHBPC2012 (Wildcard to start with,,,) and the world largest polo tournament, London Open 2012, which I will be playing (Team name: Better with Vodka, with Rob from Melbourne and Sabrina from Warsaw) is getting closer and closer.

So to maximise my performance and to avoid nasty technical issues while I will be away, I have been working on upgrading my bike and my polo mallets. I would like to share what is the current setup for my polo bike. Last time I did this was when I first build my polo bike (see a post, Ready to Roll). I am still using the same frame and wheel sets and so on but some parts have been replaced with more polo friendly components. Here we go:

My Bike Polo Bike

Excessive Brake Cable will be chopped

A New Wheel Cover (No more rising sun)

Fishnet Wheel cover is still there
track, fixed gear frame set 700CX52CM
track, fixed gear frame set 700CX52CM
Crappy BMX Kids Handlebar
Handlebar Grips:
Some random BMX Kids Handlebar Grip
Kore Stems - MTB B-52 K34 Stem 2011 Black - 80mm x 31.8mm 1.1/8"
Came with the frame
Wheel (Front):
Halo Wheels Factory Road Aerorage Track Front Wheel White 700c
Wheel (Rear):
Halo Wheels Factory Road Aerorage Track Rear Wheel White 700c Fixed/Freewheel
Brake (Front):
Dia-Compe BRS-101 43-57mm Silver
Campagnolo Brakes - Road Centaur Dual Pivot Brakeset 2011 Pair - Black
Shimano Ultegra Brake Shoes 6700
Break Leavers:
Dual Breakes
Schwalbe Marathon Greenguard Tyre 700 x 28c Wire Black
Selle San Marco Rolls Saddle with Steel Rails (White)
Seat Post:
Shimano something
Bottom Bracket:
Eastern Bottom Brackets - BMX Euro Bottom Bracket 19mm - Matte Gold
Ruption Cranksets - BMX Tubular Cranks w/Sealed Mid BB
Chain Ring:
Sputnic Chainrings - BMX Icon BMX Sprocket 25t Red
Rear Sprocket:
Shimano Wheels Hubs Spares Single Speed Freewheel 16t
Gusset Chains - BMX Slink Half-Link BMX Chain 1/8" - Silver
Primo BMX Pedals Stricker Plastic BMX Pedals Clear
Toe Clips:
Brisbane Outdoor Gears, V2 FRS Strap Ons

Specifications - Mallets
Mallet 1 The Main One
Fixcraft Black
Mattie's Special Head, One Side Capped (Hand Made by Mattie in Perth)

Mallet 2 - Full Cream Milk Mallet

"Creamy" Mallet Shaft
Milk S 1.0, Uncapped

Mallet 3 - Smart Low-tech Mallet
"Creamy" Mallet Shaft
DOM BT MALLET, Both Sides Capped

There are still a lot to work on to make the bike better but this is best I can do with the time and money I can afford. Comments, suggestions, criticism (not many please) are welcome!

Oh yeah, got a polo helmet as well (got it from ebay for 13 bucks!!)


Anonymous said...

Nice one Yohei. Keep the updates coming. Derren

Yohei said...

Hey Derren, Yeah, I will try keep the updates in Europe too so Stay tuned with the blog. Cheers,

Titanium Road Bike Dealer said...

Congratulations for having that chance to play in that bike polo match. How did it go? Hope readers will see more of your biking adventures soon.