Birthday Pyjama Party

Dear friends,

Cake Cutting Ceremony in Samurai Style : Photo taken by Shan

Thanks all for coming down to my Birthday Party last night.

It was trully awesome to catch up with you all in pyjamas and especially for those I haven't seen for many months. It was great to see you again!

Hope you all had a good time and enjoyed food and drinks (especially cocktails...) we prepared.

Also, thank you for your special contribution to my fundraising.

We've raised $320(!!!) through the night:) Hooray!

Your contribution will be recorded as honourable doners on my fundraising page.

For those interested in knowing my fundraising challenge, here are the details:

Money raised benefits the Westwen Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR), Western Australia's premier adult medical institute. The fund will be used to help research and identify specific genetic defects in cancer cells, and the environmental factors which cause the disease.

Therefore, for this cause, I am aiming to raise $2,500 dollars by this October. 

Upon (hopefully,) reaching the goal amount by October, I am participating an epic 200km ride form Perth to Mandurah over 2 days, October 20-21, 2012.

Your extra contributions will be greatly appreciated as well. Donation can be made any time on my fundraising page.

Anyway, This Birthday Pyjama Party was a great first major successful step towards my fundraising goal. Thanks again for coming down and hope to see you soon.

Special thanks to the followings:

Juraj and Iin for helping me organising this fun party and being great chefs, preparing beautifully presented magnificent food, which we all loved.

Lita for making (or getting?) me a birthday cake.

Brad for letting me use the massive esky.

and everyone for being a great company :)



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