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After the devastated bike accident three month ago, my Katakura Pisto Fixie Bike, which acted as my polo bike as well as commuting bike was unfortunately destroyed.

My Katakura Pisto Fixie Bike Now

Since then, I have been gathering bike bits and pieces, trying to build a new bike, which would replace my Katakura Pisto Fixi Bike as well as a bike, acting as a 'polo dedicated bike' which I always had been dying for building one for long, long time. It took a long while as I was getting parts from all over the world while tackling piles and piles of university assignments to do it.

Finally, although minor adjustments will be expected to be made,

It is the show time.

That's it

A dual pull break lever is used. It works perfectly for quick stopping.

BMX cranks are used. They are not commonly used among polo players, and there are few things to consider such as the chain line (you might need to put some spacers) and, distance between the chain and chain stay (if you make the front chain ring too small, the chain might hit the chain stay, making a cracky noise) and the type of bottom bracket (Generally an Euro bottom bracket is required to use BMX cranks with track / road frame), I think it is ideal for polo as first, tough as a bull and second, crazy low gear ratio is possible (mine is 25front/16 rear).

Yeah, of course, it is not the KKK.

The specification as follows:



Bought from


track, fixed gear frame set 700CX52CM

Cycoole (Ebay)


track, fixed gear frame set 700CX52CM

Cycoole (Ebay)


FSA Handlebars Riser XC-282 XC Riser Bar White - 18mm Rise 660mm 31.8

Chain Reaction Cycles

Handlebar Grips:

Spank Grips Tweet Tweet TuggJob Grips 2012 Magic Black

Chain Reaction Cycles


Kore Stems - MTB B-52 K34 Stem 2011 Black - 80mm x 31.8mm 1.1/8"

Chain Reaction Cycles


Came with the frame

Cycoole (Ebay)

Wheel (Front):

Halo Wheels Factory Road Aerorage Track Front Wheel White 700c


Wheel (Rear):

Halo Wheels Factory Road Aerorage Track Rear Wheel White 700c Fixed/Freewheel

Chain Reaction Cycles


Campagnolo Brakes - Road Centaur Dual Pivot Brakeset 2011 Pair - Black

Chain Reaction Cycles

Break Leavers:

Dual Pull Brake Lever



Continental Tyres - Road Sport Contact Reflex Tyre 700 x 28c Wire - Black/Reflex

Chain Reaction Cycles


Selle San Marco Rolls Saddle with Steel Rails (White)


Seat Post:

Something Shimano

My old bike

Bottom Bracket:

Eastern Bottom Brackets - BMX Euro Bottom Bracket 19mm - Matte Gold

Chain Reaction Cycles


Ruption Cranksets - BMX Tubular Cranks w/Sealed Mid BB Camo Brown

Chain Reaction Cycles

Chain Ring:

Sputnic Chainrings - BMX Icon BMX Sprocket 25t Red

Chain Reaction Cycles

Rear Sprocket:

Shimano Wheels Hubs Spares Single Speed Freewheel 16t

Chain Reaction Cycles


Gusset Chains - BMX Slink Half-Link BMX Chain 1/8" - Silver

Chain Reaction Cycles


Primo BMX Pedals Stricker Plastic BMX Pedals Clear

Chain Reaction Cycles

So, I am getting ready for the AHBPC2012.

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome.

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