Oz Oz Oz Oz OZ DAY

OZ day, behave yourself!

In Australia people celebrate their national day of 26th of January, known as OZ day, having party with barbie (Australian term of BBQ), beer, fireworks, paddle pool and of course bike (in our case).
It was like that. Thanks Ash for inviting me for such a sensational party.

I want to write something about the party but I can't clearly remember what was exactly happening there since I couldn't help myself to have a sleep of 2 hours during the party as I had a bottle of wine.

But I took some photos that carry me back the time.

ohhhHey Prof!oops, flat tire
Look, the Aussie flag is flying in the sky!
Title: Mohigan + FireworksThe Dark Side of The Moon, Pink Floyd

That's it. Oh by the way, I'm into a band called Pink Floyd at the moment. It's a band from 1970's but the sound is still really new, it actually doesn't sound out of date at all. I felt really shame that I didn't know this one of the greatest band of the planet ever when I heard the music for the first time. If you still don't know this band I extremely highly recommend you to try. I don't attach the link to the music video because I want you to listen the whole album from the first track to the last track continuously.

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