Broken Ribs and a Broken Rim

3. 2. 1. Polo!!!!

Gosh, this is my second writing today. So intense!!

I went to play bike polo today as usual and finally it happened to me and Brad in the middle of an exciting game.

The chest of Brad hit my handle bar and my rim hit his frame.

These were the consequences.

1. Suspiciously, Brad has got his ribs broken.

2. My bike's front rim bend (dead).

ohhh.....He's got a pitiful bruise on his chest......My front rim is dead, luckily the hub is still fine.

I hope Brad will survive from the pain soon and I pray my rim's soul may rest in peace.


CONTI said...

My favorite rim is OPEN PRO(MAVIC). and best tire is continental GP3000 (20c).
I think this combination is miracLLLLLLe.!! 
It is VERY EASY for me av40km.......

Yohei said...

Thank you for your suggestion but I can ride with the av40 without OPEN PRO(MAVIC)and GP3000 (20c) because Im too fast.