Bike Stolen!


Joel's bike has been stolen in Leederville last night. I need your cooperation to find his bike. If you are kind enough, please put this article on your blog as well.

If you find this bike, lock the bike safe and let him or me know where it is.
If you stole this bike, lock the bike safe and let me know where you park: email: okamotoy@hotmail.co.jp (I won't tell you anyone who you are.)

Remember, there is no identical bike anywhere in the world as he built his bike, it is impossible to bug off. We will find the bike sooner or later for sure.

Stolen Date: 7 August (Fri)
Approx Stolen Time: Midnight
Stolen location: Leederville

Bike details

Bike type: Fixed geared bike
Frame: Rode bike frame (Blue)
Handle Bar: Silver drop handle with black grip tape on
Stem: Silver
Seat: Black
Seat Post: Silver
Crank: Black
Peddle: Black with strap on
Chain: Silver
Rim: Black: Front, Velocity Silver: Rear

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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木村拓哉kimura said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL you'll never find it hahahaha. i steal bikes all the time - a simple powder coat swap out some parts and bobs your uncle.